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Hastings City Manager

City Manager – Jeff Mansfield

The City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City, responsible to the City Council for the administration of all City affairs. The Manager sees that all laws, provisions of the City Charter, ordinances, resolutions, and official directives of the City Council are faithfully executed.

In addition to overall municipal management, the City Manager oversees the financial administration of the City; develops, coordinates, and implements services; and strives to enhance community relations to provide a safe, secure, and hospitable environment for residents and visitors to the Hastings community.

The City Manager supervises and coordinates the personnel policies and practices of the City and makes recommendations to the Council, from time to time, regarding measures, as he deems necessary or appropriate, for the improvement of City administration.

Finally, the City Manager furnishes the Council with information and makes recommendations concerning City affairs and prepares and submits such reports as may be required or to consolidate the reports of the departments of the City.


Goal 1:

Coordinate and administer the daily functions of the City of Hastings in an effective and efficient manner


  • Assure the citizens of the City that their tax dollars are being utilized in a cost-effective manner.
  • Recommend appropriate ordinances to the City Council for consideration.
  • Ensure that City employees are properly trained to perform their designated functions.
  • Improve computerization and technology to obtain and maintain information for management policies, decision-making, and for the public.
  • Administer a central purchasing system.
  • Fully comply with all of the requirements for the position of City Manager as stated in the City Charter.